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The fabrics you will find in our selection have been curated by our designers to bring you the best quality slipcover fabrics at the most affordable price. Our fabric collection includes 100% cottons, 100% linens, synthetics and blends in a wide range of textures and weaves in the most up to date colors including whites and naturals. Our collection includes fabrics that have been pre-washed or processed at the mill but we do not wash our fabrics.


  • Whites & Naturals - Our white and natural fabrics are available in 100% cotton including pre-washed denim; 100% linen and easy-care synthetic blends.
  • Textures - You’ll find a variety of textures from smooth weave cotton canvas or linen to textured chenille and easy-care velvet.
  • Pricing - Our slipcover pricing includes fabric and labor. The cost of your slipcover will depend on the fabric you select.  Our fabrics are grouped into pricing categories from A to E, A being the most affordable. The fabric category does not reflect the quality of the fabric it simply reflect our cost savings that we pass along to our customers. You'll find the category letter included in the fabric name.
  • Closeout Fabrics - Closeout fabrics are fabrics that we have culled from our fabric selection to make way for new fabrics.  The price is greatly reduced and the fabric is placed on the Closeout Fabrics page.  Stock is limited, so you need to call us to check stock before placing your order.  See Closeout Fabrics page for more details.
  • Fabric Swatches - We highly recommend ordering swatches before you place your order. The image you see on your screen / display is not an accurate representation of the color and will not allow you to feel the texture and weight of the fabric.  Also, our slipcovers are custom made and can not be returned if you don’t like the fabric. Order up to 10 swatches for only a $5 shipping and handling fee.




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