Basic Information About Our Slipcovers


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  • Furniture We Can Slipcover & NOT Slipcover

    We can slipcover a large variety of furniture types including some hard to fit styles, however, there are some types of furniture that we do not slipcover - recliners and barrel back, see below..  Review the list below to make sure that we can slipcover your type furniture and to see if any additional surcharges may apply to any feature of your furniture.


    A note about cushions - We make slipcovers for all types of cushions - rectangular, T, 1/2 T, wedge, etc.  The type of cushions you have will not add to your slipcover cost so we do not require you to list the type of cushions you have when you place your order. After you place your order we will request photo of your furniture and cushions and  we will send you detailed measurement forms that will match the cushion types shown in your photos.  See EASY-Measure system.







    • Recliners
    • Tub chairs or barrel back chairs or sofas Do you have barrel back furniture? Is the back channeled or tufted? Is the back of the seat cushion curved? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you have barrel back furniture.



    Standard Furniture


    • Cushion, pillow or tight back
    • Tuxedo or Lawson styles (standard back type)
    • T or 1/2 T cushions, seat or back, no extra charge
    • Attached back cushions, no extra charge - see below
    • Sleeper sofas - no extra charge
    • Any length or depth ($50 surcharge for extra deep furniture over 36".)
    • Rolled arms, straight arms, armless (standard arm types) others  see below
    • Also, see furniture we don't slipcover below.

    Back Types - Other


    • Camel Back, Roll-back & Wingback Chairs / Sofas
    • $75 Surcharge applies to these features

    Arm Types - Other


    • Scoop Arm, English Arm, Contoured Arm
    • $75 Surcharge for these features

     Attached back cushions


    • Slipcover goes over the entire back - no extra charge.



    • Any size
    • See How to Order for details

    Sectional Sofas


    • Any number of sections or configurations
    • Any size or depth
    • See Sectional Sofa Slipcover for details
  • Slipcover Options

    These options are available for sofa, armchair and sectional sofa orders:


    Lining is used to prevent show-through from dark or bright print upholstery. This occurs most often with white or light colored fabrics. To check for show-through, place a sample of the fabric you want to use for your slipcover over the arm.


    The polyester / cotton lining is applied to the entire slipcover - body and cushions.  It is attached to each section of the slipcover prior to construction for a smooth, wrinkle free surface.

    Arm  covers

    Arm covers are a great way to guard against sticky fingers and dirt.  Our arm covers duplicate the shape of your arm face and extend 12 inches back from the face of the arm along the top of the arm. If you order a slipcover style with covered cord accents, the arm covers will have it as well.

    Extra Cushion Covers

    An extra set of cushion covers are great to have for a quick change after a spill or while one set is being cleaned.  And, they will extend the life of your slipcover.

    Stay Strips

    Recommended for furniture with rolled arms. Stay Strips give your slipcover a form fit look and prevent your slipcover from sagging under the arms. One side of the Stay Strip is sewn into the slipcover under the roll. You attach the corresponding side to your furniture under the arm roll.


    CAUTION - Removal of the Stay Strip from your furniture may damage the upholstery.

    Pet Shield

    No more ugly sheets and towel to protect your furniture from the furry members of the family.  Pet Shields are made from the same fabric as your slipcover to blend right in.  They are available in two sizes - full sheet (52 x 36) and 1/2 sheet (52 x 18)

  • How To Order

    To place your order for any of our custom slipcovers you only need to know some basic sizing information about your furniture. The sizing information is used for pricing only. Detailed measurements and photos will be required after you place your order – See EASY-Measure System for more information.


    Listed below you'll find the information you'll need to place your order.

    Sofas, armchairs, wingback chairs & chaise


    1 - The slipcover style you want.

    2 - The fabric you want.

    3 - Your furniture's size and design features - see below.

    Back width including arms

    Arm length from front to back edge of furniture

    Number of LOOSE cushions on seat and back

    Standard - Arm                                     Back

    Non-Standad - Arm                Back

    Sectional Sofa  – You will need the same information listed above for each part of the sectional.


    To measure length, measure the longest side.  See illustrations below.


    1 - Slipcover style

    2 - Fabric

    3 - Length x width to determine top surface area.

    Dining Chairs

    1 - Slipcover style

    2 - Fabric

    3 - Height from top of back to the floor.  Follow the angle of the back.

  • EASY-Measure System

    Don't know a T cushion from a pin cushion?


    Nervous about measuring?


    Relax, Our EASY Measure System Makes it Easy


    Our EASY Measure System is a process that includes photos of your furniture and easy to follow measurement forms. Our system is the result of nearly 20 years of experience working with customers just like you. We know the average person doesn't know a T cushion from a pin cushion, that's why our method doesn't require you to figure out what type of furniture or cushions you have. Our staff does it for you.


    This is how it works: after you place your slipcover order, you will receive an e-mail with a list of the photos we need of your  furniture. Our patterning experts will review your photos and e-mail back a set of measuring forms that matches your furniture's features.


    Our easy to follow measuring forms take all the guesswork out of measuring because the forms will match your furniture's features from frame to cushions. They include detailed diagrams and clear instructions on how to take each measurement. The forms can be printed out so you can complete the forms right next to your furniture, then enter your measurements on the email form and email them back. Or, if you prefer, you can fax or mail them. And, if you need help along the way, just call our customer service representatives. They'll be happy to assist you.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Fabric questions


    Can I send my own fabric?

    We do not accept fabric from our customers. The quality of our slipcovers is dependent on the fabric and we are not able to control the type and quality of fabric supplied by our customers.


    If I can’t find the fabric I want in your collection, can you source it for me?

    Sorry, we do not source fabric for our customers. Not all fabrics make good slipcovers.  Our fabrics must meet a set of criteria that we believe will make the best slipcovers.


    If I send you a swatch can you match it?

    No, but you can order swatches from our site.  Ultimately, you are the best judge of the color you want.


    Can I order swatches?

    Yes. Samples are free.


    Can I just buy the fabric?

    Sorry, no.  We are not a fabric retailer.


    Can I buy extra fabric?

    Yes, you can order up to 3 yards of the same fabric that you ordered for your slipcover.


    Do you pre-wash your fabric?

    The short answer is no.  We do offer some fabrics that are pre-washed  or processed by the mill to remove the fabric finish and soften the fabric but we do not  pre-wash our fabrics.  Some people believe that washing and shrinking the fabric will prevent the fabric from tightening when it is cleaned, but think about your jeans.  What happens every time you wash them?  What we do is add in an allowance to some of the measurements our customer provide.  The amount of the allowance is based on the fabric type.


    What’s the best fabric for a home with children or a home with cats.

    Homes with children require a fabric that is durable and easy to maintain.  Synthetic fabrics (100% polyester) are the easiest to clean and can provide years of service. Cats pose a special problem and require a tightly woven fabric.  We recommend our high performance fabrics as well as Silken Suede micro-fiber or Sensation microfiber fabrics.  But, nothing deters a determined cat.


    Measuring questions

    Replacement slipcovers - Can I send you my old  slipcover?

    If you are asking about  a slipcover we made there is no need to send it in, we have your patterning on file.  Just contact us and tell us the fabric and style you want for your new slipcover.

    If you  are asking about a slipcover  for your Pottery Barn,Crate & Barrel or other manufacture, sorry no.  Any good slipcover maker will tell you that creating a new slipcover based on an old slipcover will not give you the best results. Old slipcovers have stretched and shrunk over time and no longer reflect the actual size of the furniture.  For the best fit we start from scratch with photos and measurements.


    Did you keep my measurements from my last order?

    Yes, we keep all of our customer’s measurements and patterning – from the very first customer over 20 years ago.  If you want to re-order just let us know the fabric and design options you want – easy as that.


    If I tell you the manufacturer and model, do you have the dimensions?

    No, unfortunately furniture is not like automobiles that are stamped out.  Furniture, even non-custom furniture, is still hand-crafted and sizing can vary.  Also, furniture dimensions will change with time and wear as upholstery compresses. But measuring is easy to do.  See EASY-Measure Method.


    Do you come out and measure?

    No, we are an Internet based company which means that we do not have brick-and-mortar locations. This reduces our operating costs and allows us to provide our service to customers throughout the country at a great price.


    Pricing Questions

    My furniture is larger that the listed size, how do I price it?

    For furniture larger that the listed size, we simply calculate the percentage larger and add that percentage to the largest price listed.


    Do you make slipcovers for -

    How do I order a slipcover for a sleeper sofa?

    The standard construction of our slipcovers allows for standard sleeper sofas; therefore, there is no need to order any special construction to accommodate a sleeper sofa and no extra charge.


    Do I have to take the slipcover off to open the bed?

    Our slipcover construction will allow the bed of most standard sleeper sofas to open without the removal of the body cover.


    How do I order a slipcover for a wingback chair?

    Enter all the information about your furniture as you would for a standard armchair, then under Back Type select  wingback.


    How do I order a slipcover for a chaise?

    Enter all the information about your furniture as you would for a standard armchair, then check the box marked Chaise.


    Do you make slipcovers for loveseats?

    Slipcover orders are placed according to the size of the furniture not what it’s called.  To order, see the instructions in How to Order.


    Do you make slipcovers for slipper chairs?

    Yes, order like a stand armchair, See How to order.


    Payment, Terms & Delivery Questions

    Can I pay for my entire order with a credit card instead of a check?

    Sorry no, your 50% deposit must be paid by check.  However, you can use a credit card for the balance in which case  we will add a 10% fee to the balance payment.


    What is your return policy?

    Our slipcovers are custom crafted based on measurements you provide and the fabric, style and  options you selected, This makes the slipcvoer uniquely yours. Therefore they can not be put back on the shelf like ready-made products.  We do warranty the fit of our slipcovers, so if it does not fit correctly you can send them back for adjustments. To avoid ordering problems, we recommend that you first order a swatch of the fabric to make sure it is the fabric you want and, second, follow the measuring instructions carefully.  See Warranty.


    How long will it take before I get my slipcover?

    Delivery time can vary throughout the year depending on the demand.  See Delivery for more details.


    Do you ship outside the US?

    Sorry, no.


    Slipcover Restoration Service

    Help! I shrank / tore / stained my slipcovers. Can you fix them?

    Yes, we offer a restoration service and in many cases the slipcovers can be restored by replacing sections of the slipcover.  The cost s based on the amount of fabric used and labor.


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