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Save 50% on furniture slipcovers when you select a closeout fabric.

Our closeouts are fabrics or colors that we are discontinuing from our regular stock at a discount.
They include fabric from all price categories.

Starting price -
  • Armchairs with one cushion - $85
  • Sofa with two cushions - $150
The quantity is limited so we need to tightly control the ordering process.

Select and order swatches.below

To check closeout fabric availability, price or place an order follow these steps:
  1. Determine the size of your furniture and design options you want for your slipcover. This will give us an idea of how much fabric your project will require. See Furniture Slipcover Sizing & Options for more information on how to determine size and options available.
  2. Select a closeout fabric. You should also select a back up fabric in case there is not enough fabric of your first choice.
  3. Call Customer Service to check stock. If there is enough fabric for your project, Customer Service will email you a link to the ordering page. Access to closeout ordering pages is restricted.
  4. You need to place your order within 24 hours. Deposit must be received 12 hours after placing your order and photos and measurements must be submitted within 2 weeks of placing your order. If dead lines are missed the fabric will be made available to next person in line for the fabric and your deposit will be forfeited.
  5. Once you place your order it will be processed in standard manner.
If you have any questions please call - 877 325-5154 or email.
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