Important Information

  • Delivery


    Creating a custom fit slipcover takes time.  See below for more information on the production process.


    The chart below shows the cut off dates and estimated ship week.



    COVID-19 Update – Due to the current health emergency we are taking steps to protect the health and safety of our staff. Our customer service staff is working from home and are able to assist you.  These measures have affected our production and delivery schedule.  We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times.  Please stay safe.

    ESTIMATED SHIP - This is the week when we estimate your slipcover will ship.  You should also add 5 - 7 days for transit time.  This is an estimated ship date which is subject to factors due to changes beyond our control.  We will make every effort to notify you of any changes to the schedule.


    CUT OFF DATE - This is the date by which you should have placed your order, provided all photos and measurements and templates required for your custom pattern as well as paid your deposit and balance payment.  CLOSED - Orders are no longer being accepted for this delivery date.

    Production Process

    Unlike ready-made slipcovers, real custom slipcovers take time to make - but the difference is worth waiting for. From start to finish, your slipcover order will go through five different steps to ensure that you receive the custom fit you expect and the quality product you deserve.


    The chart above shows when production is estimated to be completed if your order has been placed and first phase production completed - photos and measurements received and patterning completed by cut off date.  For 2nd Phase Production allow 5 - 6 weeks and 5-7 business days for time in transit.


    o 1st Phase of Production - During the 1st phase of production the custom slipcover is designed and a pattern created based on the photos and measurements you supply. The amount of time required to complete this part of production is contingent on how quickly you provide the information that the pattern makers need. The information is carefully reviewed to make sure it is complete and correct before the final pattern is completed. For detailed information about how we make our custom slipcovers please see - What Makes a Custom Slipcover Special.


    o 2nd Phase of Production - When your pattern has been completed, your order will go on to the 2nd phase of production. During the 2nd phase of production, the slipcover will be built based on the custom pattern that was created for your order. Depending on the time of the year, there may be a wait list to go in the 2nd phase of production. The wait time depends on the number, size and complexity of the orders ahead of yours. Please keep in mind that orders are prioritized by the date the patterning is completed, NOT on the date the order was placed.


    After your slipcover is completed, it is thoroughly inspected. If a manufacturing error is found, it will be sent back to be corrected. When your order passes final inspection, it is ready to be packaged and shipped.


    Worth the Wait


    Each order is unique, hand-crafted and given individual attention to ensure quality construction.  Due to the high demand for our slipcovers and our very attractive pricing, we are working on several hundred orders at a time. However, we will not compromise the quality of our product in order to satisfy impatient customers. If you are not prepared to wait, we recommend that you order your slipcover from another vendor. Remember that perfection can not be rushed and is worth the wait.


    Customer Comments

    "I got em. They are wonderful. . . It was well worth waiting for. " Patty G., Georgetown, TX


    "I can honestly say it has been a long wait, but the quality was worth it. The slip covers are lovely ... " Fred & Mary D., Pascagoula, MS


    "Owe you a huge apology...slipcover did arrive on Christmas Eve...came home at 11pm from party and found the slipcover at the front door. Ran inside with it and put it on the chaise...fits perfect, looks perfect, made beautifully. Worth the wait and time it took for me to get this. Made my Christmas even better then it already was. Back on my  meds and feeling better. Thank you and I apologize again for freaking out on you." Amy D., Tom's River, NJ


    "I just wanted to tell you that the slipcovers for my chair and ottoman are just fantastic. I love them and they fit perfectly and they look beautiful. I am so impressed by the workmanship. I want to thank you for keeping me completely informed and up-to-date as to the progress of my order. I never worried or had any doubt that the slipcovers would be completed as promised. I know that there have been a number of complaints about your company. I can only say that as far as I am concerned the complaints are baseless and unwarranted from my experience. You have been nothing but communicative and customer service oriented. The result is a beautiful product! I am happy to write a review for you, or you are welcome to use any part of this one in your advertisements or website. I will recommend you highly. I am a very satisfied customer!" Marcy W., Chicago, IL

  • Sales & Discounts

    Every Day is Sale Day

    We give you the best price every day, so every day is a sale day


    • Every Day Discounts

    10% Pay-by-Check  Discount-

    SAVE up to 10% on your order, excluding shipping & handling, when you pay your deposit and balance by check.  See Terms of Sale for details.


    Free Shipping - Order $500 or more. Discount not available for slipcovers using closeout fabrics or orders shipping outside continental US


    Spring Slipcover Sale

    Discount applies to: Sofa, armchair, sectional, daybed, ottoman and dining chair slipcovers only



    – 15% OFF Plus*

     Place your order by. Feb. 15

      15% OFF PLUS 5% multi-unit discount* and Free Shipping for orders $500 +.

                   USE THIS CODE AT CHECKOUT – SPR15


    – 10% OFF Plus

     Place your order between Feb. 16 – 28

       10% OFF PLUS 5% multi-unit discount* and Free Shipping for orders $500 +.

                  USE THIS CODE AT CHECKOUT – SPR10


    *Multi-unit (More is Less) discount – See below.



    More is Less - Quantity Discount

    • Dining chair slipcovers - Order 4 - 5, 10% off.  Order 6 or more, 15% off  Note - Must be identical slipcovers, size, style and fabric to qualify for the discount.
    • Sofa, armchair, sectional, daybed and ottoman slipcover - Order 2 or more, 5% off. Qualifying items can be mixed.
    • Discount not available for slipcovers using closeout fabrics.


    Reorder Discount - Reorders are easy. We keep all of the patterning from your previous orders.  Just contact us and tell the fabric and style you want.

    • No changes. Same slipcover style - 10% off
    • Changes to sizing or slipcover style - 5% off


    Another Way to Save - Place your order using a Closeout Fabric.  Learn more


    Exclusive Discounts

    Order fabric samples and register for our newsletter to receive advance information about new products and exclusive coupon codes for discounts and free shipping.

          Register  Order Fabric Samples

  • Terms of Sale

    Now there's no reason to wait. Slipcovers from Needle & Shears have always been a fantastic value. Now we've made them even more affordable than ever!  Choose from a variety of payment options and save!


    • 10% Pay-by-Check discount
    • 50% Deposit to place order
    • 90 days to pay balance


    10% Pay-by-Check Discount - The Pay-by-Check discount is automatically applied to your order at checkout and is reflected in the total.


    o Payment Option 1 - Pay your deposit and balance with a check and save 10 percent on your entire order, excluding shipping.


    o Payment Option 2 – Pay your deposit with a check and balance with a credit card. A fee equaling 10% of the balance payment will be added to your balance   payment.


    50/50 Payment Terms

    You pay  only a 50% deposit of the total amount of your order, excluding shipping & handling, when you place your order for the slipcover of your dreams. Pay the balance in 90 days or when it's scheduled to go into the final phase of production. Deposits must be paid by check.


    IMPORTANT DETAILS - 50% Non-refundable deposit must be paid by check within 5 business days of placing your order. These payment options do not apply to fabric swatches.


    Now there's no reason to wait. If you would like to find out exactly how much you can save on your order, just call us.

  • Warranty & Return Policy


    We take pride in our product and workmanship. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a product that you will be proud to have in your home. If the slipcover does not fit correctly due to a manufacturing defect, we will make modifications to correct the fit at no additional charge. If your custom made slipcover requires modification because the measurements submitted were incorrect, we will charge you only for the labor and materials required to make the corrections. Please see pricing schedule below:


    o Labor $40 per hour

    o Materials used based on retail cost of fabric & materials

    o Shipping cost to be paid by the customer


    Please Note -  Defects must be reported within 15 days of shipment.  Washing items within the warranty period prior to reporting the defect will void your warranty.  Please note: Our warranty covers workmanship and fabric flaws only. The warranty does not cover damage after receipt of the slipcover.


    Return Policy

    Custom products from Needle & Shears are all made to order. Because they are custom made to your specifications, they cannot be returned for any reason except warranty repair, see above.



    Orders canceled after the first phase of production has begun will forfeit their deposit. The first phase of production starts when we receive photos of your furniture.  Orders canceled prior to submitting photos will be charged  a processing fee of 5% of deposit amount .


    Failure to Meet Terms of Sale

    You have 90 days from date of the order to provide photos, measurements, which are required for the patterning of your custom slipcover, and balance payment. Failure to provide this required information within 90 days from date of order, will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.




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  • - Order $500 or more. Discount not available for slipcovers using closeout fabrics or orders shipping outside continental US

    - Reorders are easy. We keep all of the patterning from your previous orders.  Just contact us and tell the fabric and style you want.