FREE FABRIC SAMPLES - We highly recommend ordering swatches before you place your order.  The image you see on your device screen  / display is not an accurate representation of the color.  Also, our slipcovers are custom made just for you and cannot be returned if you don't like the fabric.  Click on the links above to see fabrics and order swatches.  Also see how to receive discount coupons when you order swatches. - COUPONS


How your fabric choice effects your pricing

Our slipcover pricing includes fabric and labor.  The cost of your slipcover will depend on the fabric you select.  Our fabrics are grouped into pricing categories, A to E.  A being the most affordable.  The fabric category does not reflect the quality of the fabric, it reflects our cost savings that we pass along to our customers.  You'll find the category letter included in the fabric name


Category   -   Retail Price  Per Yard

A                    $15 - $17

B                    $20 - $24

C                    $30 - $35

D                    $38 - $42

E                    $45 - $57


Closeout Fabrics

These are fabrics that we are discontinuing.  The price is greatly reduced but the stock is limited.  See Closeout Fabric page for more details.

How To Pick The Right Fabric For Your Home

The secret to a great slipcover is not just the fit, it's also the fabric.  There's more to picking a fabric than finding the right color.  You also need to find a fabric that will do well in your environment and matches your needs.  Of course every home is unique, but here are just a few examples:


Children & Pets

  • Fabric requirements:  Durability - 30,000 plus double rubs, stain, moisture and odor resistant, easy to clean / maintain.
  • Fabric recommendations: Stain & moisture resistant - fabrics with Crypton or Oudura.  Also, 100% polyester micro fiber.


Active Home

  • Fabric requirements - Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fabric recommendations: 100% polyester or polyester blends


Bright Sun

  • Fabric requirements: fade resistant.
  • Recommended fabric: Outdura.


Tranquil - no children or pets

  • Fabric requirements - no limitations.
  • Recommended fabric - 100% linen or cotton, polyester / blends, velvet or chenille.

A Note About Fabric Content

Fabrics are woven from yarns made from a wide variety of fibers - cotton, linen, polyester, polyester, acrylic and blends of all of these.  The fibers can be woven into lots of different types of weaves - twill / denim, flat / duck, velvet, chenille and hundreds more.  Here are the properties:


  • Cotton & Linen - These are natural fibers, they are derived from plants.  They need special care to prevent shrinking, staining or fading.  Note - pre-washing does not prevent shrinking.


  • Polyester & Acrylic - These are synthetic fiber, man-made.  They are very durable and easy to maintain.


  • Fiber Blends - There are combinations of two or more types of fibers.  This is done to combine the properties of the different fibers - softness, durability, etc.


  • Crypton - Crypton is a manufacturing process, not a finish.  It is a way the fabric is made, it is PERMANENT and will not wash out.  It gives the fabric stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor resistance.  And, since it does not wash out, it is Earth friendly and California GreenGuard Gold Certified - no emissions.


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