All - in - One Custom Fitted Slipcovers

Custom Designer Slipcover Fit, Quality & Style


All-in-One custom made slipcovers goes over back and seat cushions makes it easy to put on and take off. Available ONLY for furniture with standard back and arms. Custom made using your photos and measurements for a great fit.

  • What's included:  Our  slipcovers include a fitted body cover with zippered closure
  • Pricing is based on the size of your furniture, the slipcover style and fabric your select.
  • These ARE NOT ready-made, mass-produced, one-size-fits-all,hope-it-fits-my-furniture slipcovers.


  • These ARE custom made to fit-your-furniture slipcovers.
  • Fabric

    Designer Fabrics


    We offer a large selection of designer fabrics in a variety of colors, weaves and fibers.  Select from 100% cottons and lines to polyester  and polyester blends.  All of our fabrics are washable.


    Fabric Pricing Categories - Our fabrics are grouped in to pricing categories - A - E.  A is the most affordable, E the most expensive.  The price does not reflect the quality or durability of the fabric.


    To view our fabrics and order swatches - See - Fabric

  • All-in-One Slipcover are made for these type of furniture

    We can make All-in-One slipcover a large variety of furniture types, however, All-in-One slipcovers are not available for some styles and types of furniture. Review the list below to see if we can make a All-in-One slipcover your type furniture.  If not, see Furniture Slipcovers with Separate Cushion Covers or Sectional Slipcovers

    Standard Furniture - Yes


    • Cushion, pillow or tight back
    • Tuxedo or Lawson styles (standard back type)
    • T or 1/2 T cushions, seat or back, no extra charge
    • Attached back cushions, no extra charge - see below
    • Sleeper sofas - no extra charge
    • Any length or depth ($50 surcharge for extra deep furniture over 36".)
    • Rolled arms, straight arms, armless (standard arm types) others  see below
    • Also, see furniture we don't slipcover below.

    Chaise - Yes with standard arms and back as shown above


    • Any size

    NOT These Back Types - See Furniture Slipcovers with Separate Cushion Covers

    NOT These Arm Types - See Furniture with Separate Cushion Covers


    NOT Sectional Sofas - See Sectional Slipcovers


    • Any number of sections or configurations
    • Any size or depth
    • See Sectional Sofa Slipcover for details



    • Recliners
    • Tub chairs or barrel back chairs or sofas Do you have barrel back furniture? Is the back channeled or tufted? Is the back of the seat cushion curved? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you have barrel back furniture.
  • How To Order

    To place your order for All-in-One slipcovers you only need to know some basic sizing information about your furniture. The sizing information is used for pricing only. Detailed measurements and photos will be required after you place your order – See EASY-Measure System for more information.


    Listed below you'll find the information you'll need to place your order.

    Sofas, armchairs & chaise


    1 - The slipcover style you want.

    2 - The fabric you want.

    3 - Your furniture's size and design features - see below.

    Back width including arms

    Arm length from front to back edge of furniture

    Standard - Arm                                     Back

  • Pricing

    The cost of your All-in-One slipcover will be based on the following:


    1 - The slipcover style you select

    2 - The fabric you select

    3 - The length of your furniture- see Furniture We Can Slipcover and How to Order  above for more information


    Is This a Good Price?

    If you have never shopped for slipcovers or a custom made product how do you compare pricing?  Start here - Slipcover Basics, product comparison and pricing.

  • Terms, Delivery & Warranty


    Now there's no reason to wait. Slipcovers from Needle & Shears have always been a fantastic value. Now we've made them even more affordable than ever!  Choose from a variety of payment options and save!


    • 10% Pay-by-Check discount
    • 50% Deposit to place order
    • 90 days to pay balance


    10% Pay-by-Check Discount - The Pay-by-Check discount is automatically applied to your order at checkout and is reflected in the total.


    o Payment Option 1 - Pay your deposit and balance with a check and save 10 percent on your entire order, excluding shipping.


    o Payment Option 2 – Pay your deposit with a check and balance with a credit card. A fee equaling 10% of the balance payment will be added to your balance   payment.


    50/50 Payment Terms

    You pay  only a 50% deposit of the total amount of your order, excluding shipping & handling, when you place your order for the slipcover of your dreams. Pay the balance in 90 days or when it's scheduled to go into the final phase of production. Deposits must be paid by check.


    IMPORTANT DETAILS - 50% Non-refundable deposit must be paid by check within 5 business days of placing your order. These payment options do not apply to fabric swatches.


    Now there's no reason to wait. If you would like to find out exactly how much you can save on your order, just call us.


    After you place your order and pay your deposit we will request photo and then detailed measurements of your furniture to create the custom pattern for your furniture.  After we complete you pattern it will go in to the final phase of production and completion can range from 4 -7 weeks.  See current delivery estimate.



    We take pride in our product and workmanship. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a product that you will be proud to have in your home. If the slipcover does not fit correctly due to a manufacturing defect, we will make modifications to correct the fit at no additional charge. If your custom made slipcover requires modification because the measurements submitted were incorrect, we will charge you only for the labor and materials required to make the corrections. Please see pricing schedule below:


    o Labor $40 per hour

    o Materials used based on retail cost of fabric & materials

    o Shipping cost to be paid by the customer


    Please Note -  Defects must be reported within 15 days of shipment.  Washing items within the warranty period prior to reporting the defect will void your warranty.  Please note: Our warranty covers workmanship and fabric flaws only. The warranty does not cover damage after receipt of the slipcover.


    Return Policy

    Custom products from Needle & Shears are all made to order. Because they are custom made to your specifications, they cannot be returned for any reason except warranty repair, see above.



    Orders canceled after the first phase of production has begun will forfeit their deposit. The first phase of production starts when we receive photos of your furniture.  Orders canceled prior to submitting photos will be charged  a processing fee of 5% of deposit amount .


    Failure to Meet Terms of Sale

    You have 90 days from date of the order to provide photos, measurements, which are required for the patterning of your custom slipcover, and balance payment. Failure to provide this required information within 90 days from date of order, will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

Select a Slipcover Styles

  • These are not furniture styles.  These are slipcover styles can be made for any standard style of furniture.
  • To start your order, review the information above then select a style.

CONTEMPORARY - Clean, modern styling perfect for fresh modern decor


  • Finish - Clean, not pleats, no gathers
  • Length - Short or to the floor
  • No covered cord accents
  • Starting Price - Armchair $99, Loveseat / Sofa $163

SUBURBAN- Classic contemporary styling with covered cord accents.


  • Finish - Clean, not pleats, no gathers
  • Length - Short or to the floor
  • Covered cord accents.
  • Starting Price - Armchair $113, Loveseat / Sofa $186

URBAN - Sophisticated styling with inverted corner pleats


  • Finish - Inverted pleats on all four corners
  • Length - Short or to the floor
  • No covered cord accents
  • Starting Price - Armchair $105, Loveseat / Sofa $169


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