• 15 chair slipcover styles - short or to the floor.
  • Available for a variety of chair types including chairs with arms
  • Custom made from your photos and measurements
  • Large selection of washable, designer fabrics
  • Easy on-line ordering
Round back chair slipcovers
Straight back chair slipcovers
Parson chair slipcovers
Chairs we don't slipcover

Round back / Louis XVI Chair Slipcovers

2 pc. slipcover styles made to your measurements.

Straight Back Chair Slipcovers

Including chairs with arms

Short or to the floor chair slipcover styles

Parsons Chair Slipcovers

Including chairs with arms

Short or to the floor hair slipcover styles

We Don't Slipcover These Chairs

Sorry, these chairs do not slipcover well.

Custom Dining Chair Slipcovers

Our custom chair slipcovers are crafted from your photos and measurements. Chairs are not all the same and neither are our slipcovers. We offer a variety of chair slipcover styles that are designed specifically for different types of chairs - straight back chairs, parsons chairs, round back / Louis XVI chairs including chairs with arms.


Custom Chair Slipcovers Feature:

  • Custom crafted to from your photos and measurements
  • Large selection of slipcover styles.
  • Optional covered welt accents
  • Quality designer fabric
  • All slipcover sections fully serged before assembly to reduce frayed edges.
  • Quality construction and attention to details


From start to finish, our slipcover measuring, patterning and construction methods are designed to produce a quality product that will give you years of service.


Designer  Chair Slipcover Styling - 15 Great Slipcover Styles

We offer 15 different chair styles which range from clean contemporary to ruffled country include short, midi and to the floor styles. We also offer a large selection of fabrics and designer style options that you can use to customized your slipcover to taste. Our styles and we offer a large selection of designer fabrics.


Chair Slipcover Pricing

The cost of your slipcovers is based on the size of your chair, the slipcover style, fabric and design options you select.

  • Chair Size – Our pricing is based on the height of the chair.  There is also a surcharge for chairs with arms. Our starting price for each slipcover style is based on the smallest size range


  • Design Options - Our fabrics are grouped into pricing categories: A – E,  “A” being the least expensive. Slipcover styles can be customized by adding covered cord accents in matching or contrasting fabric or in some styles you can select from different lengths of skirt finishes.



How to order chair slipcovers

  • Measuring the height of the chair - Measure from top edge of back to the floor keeping the tape against the chair. See illustration below
  • Measure width of the chair -Measure across the back at the top and at seat height.  If the measurement at the top is over 1 inch wider than at the seat your slipcover will require a zipper.


Measure height of chair

Measure width of chair

Start your order by selecting the type of chair your want to slipcover from the list below to see the slipcovers styles available for your type of chair.


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